The joy (and benefits) of journaling

I have always loved notebooks and especially when I am stressed, I tend to sit down and write. I have kept a journal on and off throughout my entire life since I can remember. Now, since I have access to all kinds of stationery products and notebooks, I use different notebooks to keep a journal but there is one in particular that I have been working on for two years now.

I have felt inspired to work on my journal and I decided to show you how it looks like. This page has been inspired by the journaling style by Kaila Ocampo from Rainbowholic. I will start developing my own style but for now, I decided to create a journal entry based on my three hobonichis, which I can’t wait to use.

I have written before about the benefits of journaling, so I will only write a few highlights here for you to read again, but if you can and have access to any notebook at all, I encourage you to journal. To keep a notebook where you can write, reflect, think, come up with stories or simply document your life. I think these days we get too caught up in the complications of stickers, washi tape and what not, but journaling can be as easy as using pen and paper. If you can, it brings many benefits including the following:

  • Stretching Your IQ. …
  • Evoking Mindfulness. …
  • Achieving Goals. …
  • Emotional Intelligence. …
  • Boosting Memory and Comprehension. …
  • Strengthen Your Self-Discipline. …
  • Improve Communication Skills. …
  • Healing.

Source The Huffington post 

Many psychologists encourage people to keep a journal, and I am not a professional but I am someone who throughout her life, through the ups and downs has kept a journal, including when I lived abroad on my own. Often, only my written downs, the pen, and the paper were the only tools that helped me heal, deal with homesickness and also, make sense of all the new experiences I was going through on my own, away from everything I knew.

So, here you have them! If you don’t know how to start I would say: Grab pen and paper and start writing, write about anything that comes to your mind, anything that’s bothering you, anything you don’t want to share with anyone, anything that hurts, and anything that makes you happy. If you can keep it up, it will be a great way to put the pieces together and make sense of your experiences.

Have fun and enjoy! Thank you for reading another post.

Em Jorden






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