When in doubt, be a unicorn – Happy Monday!

Stationery Mondays

The other day I went to Black Ink, which is a store that sells Japanese goods, including stationery. They have a great variety of all-paper things, and I could easily spend HOURS there! I have written about this store before and you can read about it here

The shop has a great variety of erasers. I was looking into the bowl full of cute erasers and i found this one. I love it and for some reason, this little guy makes me smile so he lives on my desk. I hope it’ll make you smile too! Have a great Monday and a great week. Leave me your comments below and let me know if you like cute erasers.

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Planner inspiration – The weekend

During the week, I am great at keeping my time organized, because I carry my Hobonichi where I plan my days, both for work and personal life. During the weekends, however, it is a different story. I don’t use my planners much because my days are more relaxed. I do keep a log of what should be happening and what I should be doing to be ready for the week. It is not a strict plan that I stick to.

I thought it would be nice to post and write about how my weekends look like, with a planner but without a strict step by step plan of the day. How do you keep inspired during the weekends and how do you use your planners?

Thanks for reading!

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Make your own Traveler’s Notebooks, three ideas

I am not exactly the most crafty person, I do make some inserts myself and I try to come up with ideas but I am not very handy or crafty when it comes to  making big projects. I admire people who do and I so wished I was the creative kind. This is also why sometimes I also force myself to make things because I believe that it will stimulate my creativity, the one that once upon a time was very active.

This said before I bought the traveler’s notebook that I have right now by Webster’s Pages I thought of making my own cover. I gave up! I still watched many videos about how to make my own and about how to make a cover without all the craftiness. While searching I actually found a few ideas that I am sure will help you create your own fauxdori if you are interested. Even if you don’t want to spend money on a cover – which I understand – I encourage you to watch these videos and try to make your own. These ideas go from very simple, for example, I love the idea by Journalingmylife in Youtube where she made a fauxdori out of a Filofax flex! Her set up is brilliant and I enjoy her videos a lot. Also, she is based in India and I just think it is great to have a fellow stationery lover from across the oceans! Check out her videos and enjoy them, she has some amazing ideas for different set ups!  You will fine her under her handle journalingmylife  and her video is here .

Last year, I remember what came super popular was buying a passport cover by Kate spade and turning it into a fauxdori which I thought was brilliant too. Ms. Wendaful has a great video where she shows her “Katedori” and I find it so fun to watch. You will find the video here  and of course, don’t forget to check out her blog where you will find some beautiful inserts and more ideas.

Last, we have the highest level of being crafty which to me is this video made by  Craft Made Simple where she teaches us how to make a fauxdori cover with fabric which I love love love. You will find the video here . This fauxdori cover that she shows is so pretty and I love it! If you have the tools and the energy to create one fauxdori from scratch, check out her video! It’s so neat!

And these are all the ideas I have for a traveler’s notebook without being super crafty – like myself – so check them out and let me know what you think!

I am really loving this traveler’s notebook fever and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I am!

Thank you for reading! Happy end of the week.

Em J


The route for stationery lovers in Boston, MA (USA)

Whenever I see the pictures of stationery shops in Tokyo I drool over how amazing those places look like. Basically, the epitome of paradise for any stationery enthusiast!

This said, I started to wonder if there were any stationery shops in Boston, where I live, and whether those places had anything to offer. Off I went, in search of similar or at least, existing stationery shops in Boston where I could spend some time looking at pens and notebooks and guess what? I actually found them! Now I feel proud to say that Boston has some beautiful stationery shops where you can buy all kinds of products usually found online, at really good prices, so this post will be a virtual tour through the stationery shops that you can find in Boston. If you are ever here, don’t forget to visit them, you will be pleasantly surprised.

1. Bob Slate Stationer – This is an amazing store located in Harvard Square in Cambridge. It looks small from the outside but they have an amazing collection of notebooks, planners – including several binders, mostly the original model – paper, pens of all kinds, sketch books, stationery, personalized stationery, invitations, cards, inks and all kinds of notebooks, pencil cases and a few accessories like pen holders. Here you will find Ogami notebooks (the ones made from stone), clairfontaine, rhodia, leuchtturm 1917, moleskine, Quo vadis, Filofax, and the list goes on and on. If you are ever around Cambridge, this place is a must see. The store has been around since 1930! Customer service is great, and here you experience some old fashion stationery advice. The address is: 30 Brattle St, Cambridge Massachusetts.

2. Black Ink – Also in Harvard Square, this store is one of my favorite because of the wide variety of stationery products that they carry. They sell paper, notebooks, pens and stickers a lot of products are japanese which makes it very unique. Usually, I go here to find unique paper clips, paper, japanese notebooks, and Japanese stickers as well. The store doesn’t focus on stationery things but mugs and some other fun products. The service is not the best and they don’t give personal attention but if you can deal with that, you will enjoy the shop. Also, the shop keepers are young and my impression is that they have no clue about stationery. When I go there, I go with the idea of looking at any new products that they have and knowing that the shop keepers will be moody and won’t care about whether or not you buy anything there. This is a fun place to see!


3. Papyrus in Harvard square – I know this is a chain but this particular shop, ALSO in Harvard square carries a wide selection of stationery, including some Kate spade products like planners, notebook and their famous paper clips. They also have a few notebooks, stamps and beautiful paper things. This is a beautiful, fun little store that any stationary lover will definitely enjoy.

4. Barnes and Noble at Prudential Center  – The reason why I love this Barnes and Noble is because they have an amazing selection of notebooks, journals and office articles like pencil cases, pouches and pens. You can easily spend a couple of hours looking for a nice notebook, here you will find the famous Miquel Ruis fauxbonichi.

5. The Coop at Harvard Square – This is mostly a bookstore – and definitely a paradise for book enthusiasts – where you will also find some stationery products, they carry tons of moleskine notebooks, planners, pens, coloring books, notepads and notebooks. The nice thing about this place is that you will find some moleskines that are only sold online otherwise. This is a fun book store with 4 floors to wonder around and spend a Saturday morning.



6. The harvard book store – This store is also one of my favorite for completely different reasons than the others. Here, not only will you find tons of books on different topics but also, tons of fun and unique sticky notes. They also sells some book markers and they have a small array of stationery products, some notebooks and also some moleskine notebooks. Definitely this is my “go to place” when I am looking for cool sticky notes or fun pens. The service is great and when you are buying books, they shop keepers who are sometimes local students will help you with recommendations and suggestions. This a great little corner also in Cambridge.

7. Porter square books – This is a smaller shop, none the less, just as fun or even more than the above. This shop sells a great variety of journals and notebooks, as well as some desk accessories and pencil cases. This shop is on the expensive side, I am not sure why but it is a cool place to go if you are looking for a cool notebook. I have to say that, usually, I would visit first any of the ones above and would eventually end up at Porter square books, just because it is a little expensive to go there and it is likely that you will only find a limited number of products, either notebooks, pencil cases or something else but not in great numbers. The service is great as well and the shop keepers are very helpful as well. This store is located in Cambridge, but the other side of Cambridge at Porter square.

8. Tokai Japanese Gifts  – This store is one of the most beautiful places around the neighborhood. They specialize in Japanese objects and stationery, yes, they do! Although the shop is a little small, and they don’t carry tons of stationery products, you still find a great selection of notebooks, pens – frixion pens and jet pens – japanese stickers, paper for notes, cards and markers. All from Japan and all in that style of stationery. It is a little expensive as well but it is worth it because, as you well know, you don’t find many Japanese stationery stores around small cities. I love this shop and usually go there when I am looking for something in particular, something Japanese or something that I know I can find there instead of buying online. The shop is located at Porter square.


9. Bromfield Pen Shop – This is a little beautiful shop located at the heart of Boston where you will find an array and amazing selection of pens. From the cheapest to the $2,000 expensive one. I love this shop because this is Boston’s oldest pen shop where you will also find a small section of Filofax binders, inserts, a few other planners, notebooks like Rhodia and moleskine, and tons of affordable pens, color pencils and fountain pens. Here you will also find filofax binders that you rarely find these days at shops, like Maldens, dominos and originals. This is another must see place if you are in Boston downtown. Service is great although Bostonian style, which means, they won’t really smile at you but they are friendly people once you start asking questions and show interest in their products.


Here you go, this is Boston for stationery crazies – like myself. I love each and single one of these stores, all of them for different reasons, and if you are ever in Boston, don’t forget to check them out. You can definitely spend a couple of hours of your trip at these places. This is not like Tokio definitely or New York but you will enjoy them, maybe even find a thing or two that you were already looking for.

I decided to write about stationery shops because with the increasing number of local stationery stores closing down – due to the high demand of online shopping – I thought I should let everyone know that these places are still around and we should support our local businesses, especially those that are disappearing.

Let me know what you think about these stores and whether there are any places in your neighborhood that you like visiting.

Thank you for reading!